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My Photography JourneyDr. Adwait Satishchandra Aphale - Wildlife Photographer

My affair with the camera started at a very young age when I read a book in our library named "Camera". Looking at my interest level in reading a pretty technical book on the camera my father must have sensed something and gifted me a Film SLR camera Vivitar3000S in 1994. With this "the affair" turned into serious love making me work on complete manual mode and understand the fundamentals of photography thoroughly.

I started experimenting with landscapes , portraits in natural light trying to catch candid moments. Looking at the images made by me during this journey my father took me to meet a great photographer of kolhapur Mr Chandrkant Patil sir who just looked at the images and advised my father "Either to upgrade my camera body with prime lens or to take out the camera from my hand “ Your child is spoilt Mr Aphale he needs better lenses , he has that EYE to narrate a story out of an image “. Dr. Adwait Satishchandra Aphale.I was happy with this remark but destiny had some other plans . Later I went to pursue my degree course in dental surgery but the love for my camera kept on growing.

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Wildlife Photographer in Maharashtra

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Wildlifestories is New venture by Advait Aphale with focus on wildlife photography and Bird photography and also digital painting. Studying the behaviour patterns of these animals and spreading the educative information.

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